Mayor changes in Linker Luis Blog

Like the title says, I'm making mayor changes in my blog, and when I say mayor I really mean it. First of all, I'm gonna have to translate all my mayor publications, As you can see I was only left with the newer ones at the moment, but my archives go way back to 2009, it's a lot of stuff. It's not going to be an easy task but, We'll go step by step.

Right now I've just stored the basic post, and older ones until I get to fix and translate the important ones.

I'm also gonna have to change the navigation and tags system. But is all going to be for your convenience, so stay around to see the new thing that are coming since it's gonna be awesome!

Tambien, si eres hispano hablante y te gustaría ver mis publicaciones en español, házmelo saber a través de:

Twitter: @LinkerLuis
Tumblr: Linkerluis
Deviantart: Linker96
Facebook: linkerluis

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