Run for your life

So I was thinking, since I have a "Master's degree" on drawing cute chibis, I might as well try it with Shantae.

This scene is obviously a reference to the Rottytops race in Shantae for the Gameboy Color. The first time I played trough this part I found myself bashing my head over and over with tree trunks, stones and everything around, trying to figure out the timing and remembering the obstacles (I guess just like many more gamers did). And poor Shantae had to go trough all that, just trying to save her brains from becoming an unusual appetizer. 

Of course, Rotty, being such a dear, gave us as many tries as we wanted. It makes you wonder... Maybe one of the benefits of being undead is unlimited stamina since Rotty is just as fast and energetic as Sonic! 
Just look at that cute face, she's obviously hiding something 

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