Crazydent evil 2 (Short comic)

It might not be a secret to anybody that I'm a huge fan of the Resident Evil franchise, and I'm really emphatic when I say VIDEOGAME franchise, to the point that I used to make this comic series called "Crazydent Evil" which basically poked the fun about everything I loved about the characters and story elements of the games. 

However, I decided to stop at some point. It always bugged me the fact that I was left with tons of crazy and funny ideas involving almost every game on the franchise, and I knew I had to go back eventually and try some of those.

Now that I have more experience on making comics, it seemed like the perfect time for it, and decided to go for Resident Evil 2 for a comeback because it holds a nostalgic value to me since it was the first one that I played. I probably know every corner and secret of it.

I might also go and finish the Crazydent Evil 4 comics, too. It mostly depends on your support on the series as a whole :D

Crazydent Evil Parody based on Resident Evil (c) Capcom.


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