November 29th

Since today is my birthday, I decided to do a silly, yet amusing, picture. If you don’t know the character, he’s my avatar Linker, the one you see in my profile picture. I tried to imagine how a family picture would look like, most precisely a birthday memory, transformed into a cartoon environment, and this was the result.

My father has always been a bit of a photograph enthusiast. Even when cameras weren't in our tissues as today, he was always taking pictures of anything he considered important.

Obviously, he documented many events in our family, including our birthdays. I think that's a fortunate thing to preserve, considering we barely have any depiction of him or my mother when they were kids, because of several situations that didn't allow them to do such a thing. It makes you realize the little things we might take for granted nowadays.

I decided to make it look like a instant photograph, instead of just submitting the illustration as it was, mostly because I wanted to give the sensation of a past family moment, an aura of a treasured memory.


He also tended to write little notes on the pictures, like the day it was taken, the place we were in, or the people that were depicted on it. So, I also decided to add that as reference, instead of leaving it as a nameless picture.

Drawing process

This picture was originally made in 2013 for a project in which I drew my avatar Linker in some of the stages of his life, starting when he was born of course.

That had to be the first time I made him as a baby, and I can't think on another scenario in which I would have the idea to do so.

In 2014, I wanted to show part of the project again for a different purpose, and I had to draw him again because I simply didn't like the way the drawing looked anymore. I was able to see all the mistakes I made, and I fixed them.

Since I never had a good opportunity to show this drawing in the gallery, I was looking for a fitting to show him so I thought of my birthday.

However, I again had the issue that I didn't like the way he looked anymore. You know how this works, right? As you get better in something, you tend to develop your skills, and you easily see the mistakes you did before. So, I re drew him one more time in order to fit with my actual skills.

Even if it meant to be working it on my exact birthday, I didn't want to lose the chance to show it to you guys, so I hope you like it!


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