B/W Comics Linker-Character Sheet

Favorite on Deviantart here: Link

After working on the comic strip “Thanks for the watch” I grew fond over the minimalistic chibi style in which I drew the main character, and I wanted to try it again somehow.

Because of that, I decided to create an alternate design of my avatar Linker. I wanted to push his design and reduce it to the most basic of his elements, as long as he could still be recognizable. In mi opinion I got an adorable result.

The layout of the presentation is the based on the one I use on my patreon gallery for the Drawing process.

I want to use this design in a couple of comics, because I always wanted to try the classic newspaper B/W strip, and this clean and simple design it’s really fitting for it. Feel free to give your opinion in regard of which version you like the best :)


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