What a tude!!!

This kid just got owned! I think he'll never be able to recover from such humiliation ( ...sure)

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With this comic I wanted to try a different style, simplifying the design, and leave the humor to drive the situation.

Originally, the comic was going to be more simple. It didn't even had the same number of panels. The main idea  was a modern kid ignoring a 90's "cool dude," making him realize how uncool and dated he was in today's standards. The shirt was going to have an inscription like "I'm a 90's kid" "90's are rad", or something similar. 

However, while I was doing it, I realized that the idea wouldn't be as clear as I wanted. As a result, I decided to stretch the "90's ness" of this dude, surrounding him with all I could think that media defined as a cool guy in that time. As well as taking liberties with some elements to make even more obvious the generational gap between them 

I sure wasn't a part of this trend, but I saw it a lot in movies, cartoons and all those reruns that had to with the 90's. Many of those elements stuck in my head permanently.

With the lingo, I had to do some research since I was looking for the most dated thing the 90's had to offer. I hope I didn't mess up the use of those phrases. Maybe some 90's cool dude would be able to tell me if I did XD  I don't know if some of this phrases are still in use because it's not my intention to offend anyone using them. It's just such a "colorful" and fun way to express otherwise bland and normal concepts.

Anyways, I hope you liked it, and now I'm outie!


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