(2002) Blossom/Bombon

A Blossom drawing I made it after watching the PPG movie in August of 2002. Since I didn’t write an specific date on the page, I calculated the time based the details I remembered and the Originally US Release of the movie (June 22, 2002)

This fan art was also based on the official promotional artwork from the movie:

Original Movie trailer:

Back then, I couldn’t rely on the internet for reference, so I got this one from the newspaper poster during the days they were promoting the movie.

If I remember correctly, the Pikachu sticker came from a chocolate bar I bought in school, I later just pasted it on the page. This was from back when Pokemon was still huge and promotional material came in almost EVERYTHING, and I really mean EVERYTHING, not even a small chocolate bars were safe.

*Note* “Bombón” is just the Spanish name of Blossom.


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