(2002) Kirby

A Kirby fan art I made in 2002, alongside the PPG Blossom drawing.

While I don’t remember the entire backstory behind this drawing, I’m going to guess that it was inspired by Kirby: The Crystal Shards (N64). The game was released in the early 2000’s and I didn’t own an N64 prior to that. I also never owned a copy of Kirby 64 during that decade, but I was able to borrow a copy from some friends in the Neighborhood around the same time.

What I really liked about Kirby was the fact that even I was able to draw him accurately. I remember using round objects like cups or coins to trace the body and the rest was simple.

I often got really frustrated when I wasn’t able to draw characters properly, they looked awful in my eyes, so Kirby was truly a blessing

P.S I still love the music in that game.


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