(2007) Color Wheel

Recently I had to get rid of a couple of my older works because I didn't having enough room to store them properly, and also because they were staring to deteriorate for several reasons. However, I decided that instead of just trowing them away, I was going to preserve them at least in photos and share them with you.
I wouldn't say these are some of my best works, the size didn't really allow me to add too much details because it would have required a lot of materials and skills, but I've preserved most of my works up until this day and I didn't wanted these to get lost either, even if they weren't perfect.

Made with Tempera paint on February 12, 2007. Size: 70cmx70cm (27.6inx27.6in)

Compared with my hand for proportions: 

Another one of my early messes. The task was simple, I was supposed to do a color wheel with gradations using only tempera paints... however I failed pretty hard at it:

My technique was sloppy, my gradients were off, my brushstrokes messy, the mixture between water and paint wasn't right (either to thick or too wet), the borders between colors were shaky, my secondary colors were poorly mixed, and so on... I'm pretty sure I only got points because I completed the wheel, not because it was properly made.

Looking back at most of my old artworks, I've probably failed most of my way here, nevertheless, that hasn't stopped me from trying.


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