(2007) Maquila

Recently I had to get rid of a couple of my older works for not having enough room to store them properly, and also because they were staring to deteriorate for several reasons. However, I decided that instead of just trowing them away, I was going to preserve them at least in photos and share them with you.
I wouldn't say these are some of my best works, the size didn't really allow me to add too much details because it would have required a lot of materials, but I've preserved most of my works up until this day and I didn't wanted these to get lost either, even they weren't perfect.

The topic of this piece was "Maquilas" (Sweatshops) which are not precisely rare in my country. I remember I ended up missing the point entirely while making this, because I was supposed to work something uplifting, and ultimately I ended painting a gloomy scene.

Later in my life, I had the chance to work on the design deparment right in front of one of these "workshops", and being honest my depiction wasn't that far from reality. Maybe I was missing a couple of hundred employees, but this is basically what I got to see everyday.

76 cm x 50 cm (30 in x20 in)


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