(2007) Still Life

Recently I had to get rid of a couple of my older works beacuse I didn't having enough room to store them properly, and also because they were staring to deteriorate for several reasons. However, I decided that instead of just trowing them away, I was going to preserve them at least in photos and share them with you.
 I wouldn't say these are some of my best works, the size didn't really allow me to add too much details because it would have required a lot of materials and skills, but I've preserved most of my works up until this day and I didn't wanted these to get lost either, even if they weren't perfect.

Made on February 27, 2017 with Hard Pastels. Size: 100cmx70cm (39.4inx27.6in)

I won't lie, for this one I just grabbed a bunch of fruits I had in the kitchen, placed a blue tablecloth in the bottom and I started painting. I wasn't particularly skilled at translating the real shading of the objects , all sorts of art concepts were pretty new to me, and I was still struggling trying to draw objects without any black contours. Nevertheless, I think I learned a lot during that period, and I still remember those days fondly.

I decided to share it without cropping the edges so you could see the conditions in which I found it in 2017. I wasn't able to preserve it better due to its size and soft texture of the paper, but it should be good enough for you to appreciate it.


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