Old drawings compilation (1998-2000)

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This is a small compilation fo the few drawings that I've saved from the year 1998 to 2000.

While they might not look at much, I think it's important to put this process in perspective, because I feel that most people don't give to the process the importance than it deserves.

One of the reasons of why I like sharing these old doodles despite being poorly drawn, is so you can get an idea on how natural talent, while being an advantage, doesn't always play a huge roll on the development of an artist. I know it sounds like a cliche at this point, but practice is crucial to develop any sort of skill. I might haven't been born with a natural talent, but what did born in me eventually was relentless desire to learn how to do it, and While I won't say I'm the best artist out there, I'm definitely always better than I was yesterday.

One of the things that I like the most about being an artist, is that there's always room for improvement, and theres always something to learn, even from failed attemtps.

Hopefully I'll be doing this for a long time, and while I don't know if I'll ever be widely recognized for my art or how much I'm going to improve from this point into the future, I just want to make a statement for those who come after me: You need to take that idea of your mind that you need to be some kind of genius to make it as an artist, it's all about hard work, experimentation and constant personal improvement.

Unknown Date:

  • The first drawing is supposed to be a landscape using geometrical figures. A funny stories about that is that I got a 3 on that illustration, but I wrote myself a 10 because I wasn't happy with the score. The apple next to it was made out of Glue and tissue paper.
  • I already explained my first Garfield doodles in greater detail here: Garfield doodles (1998)
  • The next drawings are just a part of a homework where I needed to write the biographies of historical figures: Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and figures from my country José Simeon Cañas and Alberto Masferrer. Plus an Illustration of the Tale "El tigre del Sumpul" the tiger is supposed to be symbolic not literal. I decided to leave my handwriting to show you how atrocious it was, even I have troubles reading it nowadays. People always Jokingly told me I was going to be a Doctor when I grew up because of how illegible it was.

  • I used to decorate my notebooks headers during this era with some doodles, usually in the area were I wrote the day and class, accidentally keeping a record of the date they were made. I was so proud of knowing how to draw spider webs, and I think it was kinda trendy at the time, at least in my classroom.
  • I also used to draw "elaborated illustrations" each time we started a new Chapter/Unit in the class. They gave us plenty of time to do it so I always went wild with it.
  • Some illustrations of Human bodyparts, the eye, the tongue, an the ear from an inner view, part of the ciencie class assigments.
  • Some Bird Illustrations: a Toucan, a wild duck, a Chiltota, and an Erect Crested Penguin
Kinda of a shame that among the missing drawings was my first comic ever, but at least it managed to survive in spirit on a second comic I made in 2001.


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