4WBD - Question #9

To elaborate further, I'm not even sure if I understand the full concept of a Waifu... 
  • Is a Waifu a girl character that you look above all other characters and shows? 
  • Is it supposed to be like real marriage and you don't have to cheat on this character by liking another?
  • Are you supposed to love and respect your waifu until the day you die?

If that's the case then, no. I used to be more susceptible to that a couple of years ago, but it's been a while since I've been completely obsessed about a character... in a weird way, I kinda miss that feeling.

What I feel nowadays for certain characters would be more comparable to brief crushes, that usually go down on intensity as my interest on that particular franchise or series starts to decrease.

So instead of having a "Waifu for Laifu" I just have favorite girls on many shows (Best girls)

Tsuyu from Hero Academia is a good recent example for me. While I really like her design, personality (and voice in the anime), I don't dream constantly about her when I'm not watching the show, I don't have a Dakimakura of her in my bed, and I don't feel the need to go around comparing her with maybe, Shantae, or another girl.

I also wouldn't compare all of it with the feeling of being in love with someone in real life, it's quite different, but that’s just from my experience.

...Who knows, maybe I just haven't found that one 2D girl that makes my heart pump and fills absolutely everything on my checklist... Where are thou perfect Waifu?


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