4WBD - Question#12 (Linker)

Of course, I’m no one to say what people should and should do with characters I didn’t create.
When it comes to smaller creators and their ideas you should always take into consideration what they feel about their characters being depicted in one way or another. 
For me at least, it’s not fun to draw something if the other artist hasn’t agree with the idea. Some are quite protective with their babies, and you can get in troubles for doing things without their permission, so it’s always better to ask them … if you can reach them of course.
Obliviously, I can’t be asking big companies or indie studios if they okay with me drawing fan art of their characters, I probably wouldn’t get a response or I would get blocked.
However, if said studio reached me to stop doing certain types of fan art of their IP’s, I would totally take it into consideration.


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