Garfield doodles (1998)

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While rearranging my room this January, I stumbled upon some really old sketches that I forgot I had available. These drawings must be some of the oldest sketches I have because most of them were thrown away with my old notebooks, probably at some point during the 2000's before I started saving them. Here you can have a glance of my style before anime influences started to kick in.

Before someone mentions anything about Garfield comics and how unfunny they might be, you have to keep in mind that I wasn't even aware that Garfield was a comic strip before I watched this show

Fairly recently, I tried to watch a couple of episodes from the show to see if it's still as good as I remembered and if it wasn't just that I only liked it because I was a kid.

While I would need to watch it on it's entirety to be able to make clear statement, I found some of the episodes to be really clever and funny. It obviously gave the character more interesting things to do besides eating lasagna and complain about Mondays. I never found the U.S Acres segments to be interesting to be honest (The ones with Orson and the farm), even when I was a kid I just wanted to skip them, but it still had some funny bits every once in a while.

First Intro:

Of course, at the time I was only familiar with the Spanish intro:

My favorite thing about the intro is the fact that Garfield and the other group are constantly fighting about the protagonism of the show during the entire thing. The visuals even match the struggle of them trying to steal the scene, with a huge smile on their faces pretending they're all happy. Garfield even has the audacity of saying that "he doesn't care" about the friends being there in the lyrics.

I can also almost SWEAR there's an intro quote were Garfield makes a reference about Megaman   This was more shocking for me because they eventually moved the show on Saturday mornings, right after the Megaman cartoon, and I don't think the TV network here in my country was actually planning that.

Hopefully you'll find this interesting enough. In the future I'll probably be sharing more of them, from the year 2000 and beyond


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